Sanitary Napkin Destroyers

We offer a wide range of Sanitary Napkin Destroyers in the brand name of Sanmitraa. These are available at a very competitive price in the market. These are known for quality and durability.

Napkin Destroyer
Sanitary napkin incinerator – home model

Sanmitraa – SM NANO Napkin Destroyer – Home Model Fastest Napkin Destroyer: Applied for Indian Patent Rights and Design Rights Specifications: Model: Sanmitraa SM Nano Dimension :  7” x 7” x 14” ht Weight: 6 kg Casing : GI sheet … Read more…

Napkin Destroyer
Medium Sanitary Napkin Destroyer

Sanmitraa Napkin Destroyer SM20 & SM 50: Special features: Sanmitraa is known for its elite design with excellent quality in all ranges and offers comprehensive after sales services under the guidance of NGOs and government organizations. Sanmitraa is certified with … Read more…

Heavy Duty Napkin Destroyer
Large Napkin Destroyer

Sanmitraa Sanitary Napkin Destroyer / Children & Adult napkins Destroyer – SM100 & SM200 Model SM 100(for 300 to 500 people) SM 200(for 500 to 1000 people) Burning capacity 25 napkins at a time / 100 napkins in an hour … Read more…

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