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Sanmitraa Napkin Destroyer SM20 & SM 50:

Special features:

Sanmitraa is known for its elite design with excellent quality in all ranges and offers comprehensive after sales services under the guidance of NGOs and government organizations.

Sanmitraa is certified with smoke test report smoke emission that comes under the limits of the maximum permissible TNPCB norms for general emission standards.

Sanmitraa reduces each napkin to less than 2 gm of sterile ash in 5 minutes.

Smallest home model is also available.

Common features:

Housing : Sheet metal and anti rust proof powder coating

Loading : Front

Ash tray :  Provided

Digital Display : Displays pre set temperature value, present temperature Value and duration

Insulation : Ceramic insulation to prevent body heat

Safety feature :  Provided with a fuse

Model SM 20(for 20 to 100 people ) SM 50(for 100 to 300 people)
Burning capacity 5 napkins at a time  / 20 napkins in an hour / 50 napkins per day 15 napkins at a time / 50 napkins in an hour / 200 napkins per day
Dimension in mm 250 mm X 270 mm X 440 mm ht. 310 mmX 310mm X 640 mm ht.
Weight 15 kg 23 kg
Wattage 1200 W 1200W
Power 230  / 110 v /50 HzSingle Phase 5A 230  / 110 v /50 HzSingle Phase 5A
Electricity Consumption 1 unit per 5 cycles 1  unit per 5 cycles
Mounting Wall mounting Wall mounting


Places of installation:

Schools and Hostels

Corporate Offices & Factories

Malls & Shopping Complexes

Hotels, Lodges & Hospitals

Parks, Theatres & Function halls

Public toilets


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