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Sanmitraa – SM NANO Napkin Destroyer – Home Model

Fastest Napkin Destroyer: Applied for Indian Patent Rights and Design Rights


Model: Sanmitraa SM Nano

Dimension :  7” x 7” x 14” ht

Weight: 6 kg

Casing : GI sheet metal with rust proof powder coating

Mounting : Wall mountable

Smoke Outlet : 1 meter of 1.5” G.I pipe is provided

Loading : Front loading with magnetic lock to avoid smoke leak

Ash Tray : Provided to hold ash for 20 napkins

Recommended no. of napkins : 2 pads at a time / 20 napkins per day

Duration per program : 8 minutes

Inner chamber : 304 Grade Stainless steel for long life

Insulation : Ceramic Insulation to minimize heat

Heater : 750 watts

Electricity Consumption : Less than 1 unit per day

Electricity : 230v+ or -10%: 50Hz Single Phase 5A 1.5Kw

Safety Feature : Provided with a fuse

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