Wood Fired Dosa Stove Cum Steam Boilers
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  • Firelit Kitchen equipments work with even wet fire woods and less fire woods.
  • No smoke while cooking with firelit equipment.
  • These are mobile stoves.
  • Also provided with a steam boiler enabling for double purpose cooking, dosa/ paratha as well as steam generated for cooking.
  • Provided with a safety valve to expel excess pressure.
  • Pressure can be minimized so as to suit dhal, vegetable, idly and boil milk.
  • Evaporation Capacity is 7 Kg/Hr.
  • These stoves need very less maintenance and no service.
  • It cuts of 80% from the cost of LPG usage, 85% from the cast of kerosene usage, 40% from the cost of cashew shells and 45% from the normal firewood stoves.
  • Easy handling and 100% safety assurance for the users.
  • Fire can be regulated with the help of the adjustable air vent provided and comfortable.
  • A stand is provided for easy usage.
  • Available in varying sizes.

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